Liuyang Fireworks Lit the Nanjing Summer Youth Olympic Games Flame Sets


The Second Youth Olympic Games got under way on August 16, the night sky of Nanjing was decorated by brilliant fireworks and makes the Opening Ceremony a beautiful picture.

It’s no doubt that he most exciting moment of the Opening Ceremony was lighting the flame sets, the Olymipic champion Chen ruolin held the torch and lighted the fireworks on the stage and three cold fireworks shells was launched to the main stage and lighted the Flame.

The fireworks used on the event was producted in Liuyang, and it’s totally environmentally clean with little odor and smoke.

The organizer said that the fireworks displays only lasted for 45 seconds, but it shows the world about the beauty of fireworks, and let the world knows that Chinese fireworks industry is progressing with the era. the fireworks displays mixed Olympic element, Nanjing element and the Youth element together, it brings the Liuyang fireworks back to the world stage again after the Beijing Olympic Games.

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