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Dunpai workers recieve reward for job well done!

In China, a red envelope, red packet or hongbao is a gift of cash.   It is given at weddings, holidays, or even as a means to show appreciation such as to workers, or even to people in authority. Here one … Continue reading

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What is supporting their fireworks dream?

The New Year is coming soon, I can’t help admiring the people busy working on their position. Maybe some of them working for a living, some for the promise, but all of them were deeply in love with this dazzling … Continue reading

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A discharge on the Bird’s Nest to Preview the Welcome Banquet of APEC

On the evening of November 4, 2014. Very beautiful flowers of fireworks bloom over the Bird’s Nest in Beijing Olympic park, in order to meet the upcoming APEC meeting. Colorful fireworks bloom over the bird’s nest. The night sky looks … Continue reading

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Fireworks made by bone ash, happy to say goodbye

55years old England lay die of cancer, she asked her husband to use her bone ash to make the fireworks after she dead. The fireworks company use her bone ash made 250pcs special fireworks by two weeks, and shot in … Continue reading

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the 12th Seoul international firework festival was hold in Youeido Island, Seoul

韩国当地时间10月4日晚,美丽的烟花点亮了首尔夜空。当日,第12届首尔国际烟花节在汝矣岛汉江公园举行,来自英国、中国、意大利和韩国的烟花表演队分别进行了具有本国特色的烟花展示 Oct.4th night in Korea, beautiful fireworks was lighten in the Seoul night,  the 12th Seoul international firework festival  was hold in Youeido Island, Fireworks  teams from Britain, China , Italy and South Korea were carried out their own distinctive  fireworks display that night.

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Some painting with liuyang fireworks culture

Some paintings with liuyang fireworks culture  

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