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Dunpai workers recieve reward for job well done!

In China, a red envelope, red packet or hongbao is a gift of cash.   It is given at weddings, holidays, or even as a means to show appreciation such as to workers, or even to people in authority. Here one … Continue reading

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Dubai sailing hotel opened the 15th anniversary of the fireworks celebration

To celebrate the united Arab emirates (uae) 43 anniversary of the founding and the   15th anniversary that Dubai’s burj al Arab hotel (also called “sailing hotel”) was established. There held a fireworks display at the exclusive beach by sailing hotel … Continue reading

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A discharge on the Bird’s Nest to Preview the Welcome Banquet of APEC

On the evening of November 4, 2014. Very beautiful flowers of fireworks bloom over the Bird’s Nest in Beijing Olympic park, in order to meet the upcoming APEC meeting. Colorful fireworks bloom over the bird’s nest. The night sky looks … Continue reading

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Changsha will not approve new enterprises for coal and fireworks business within five years

Oct.4th, Changsha telegram for reject serious accident, and reverse the passive situation of safety production, Hunan province people’s office, government office recently issued “Notice of taking measures to curb serious accidents”, will not approve new enterprises for coal and fireworks … Continue reading

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Shangli Jiangxi – Firework factory exploded and 1 people dead

Oct. 9th  about 6:20pm, a firework factory exploded in Tongmu town Shangli Jiangxi, the accident resulting one people dead. According to reports, when the explosion occurred , a worker in the work line of the fireworks factory , the worker died due to serious injuries . Fireworks factory explosion caused part of glass burst of a school near … Continue reading

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361 of fireworks factories in Liuyang are returning to work, Fuxiang,yongxing were investigated and punished.

浏阳361家花炮企业已复工,福祥、永新两企业被立案查处 全市361家企业复工生产:自9月24日全市所有烟花爆竹企业停产整顿以来,安监人员国庆长假不休息,加大复工审批力度,截至昨日国庆长假结束,全市已有361家企业通过审核,获准复工。 按照9.23全省安全生产紧急电视电话会议和全市安全生产紧急会议精神,全省所有烟花爆竹企业一律停产整顿,未经安监部门验收合格的一律不能复产。 国庆放假,安全生产不放假。长假期间,我市加强烟花爆竹企业安全督查,福祥、永新两家企业被责令停产整顿,并立案查处。荷花街道复工审批工作推倒重来。 又讯:国庆期间,副市长邓阳锋连续四天带队深入乡镇和企业,加强安全生产督查,全面排查烟花爆竹行业隐患。期间,邓阳锋一行共督查大瑶、古港等11个乡镇(街道)18家烟花爆竹企业,其中责令限期整改6家,停产整顿3家,立案查处2家。 361 of fireworks factories in Liuyang are returning to work, Fuxiang,yongxing were  investigated and punished. 361 factories are returning to works in liuyang: Since September 24th the  fireworks enterprises for liuyang city were stopped production for rectification because of the Linlin  fireworks accident, the safety supervision people without a break for National holiday, to  increase the efforts for approval factories  to return to work, at the end of yesterday’s  National holiday, the whole city have 361 companies approved, and allowed to return to  work. According to 9.23 the whole province had emergency teleconference and emergency  meeting of safety production, all the fireworks enterprise have to stop production for  rectification and without the acceptance of safety supervision departments can not resume production. National Day holiday, safety production is not on a holiday. During the holiday, Liuyang is  strengthen fireworks enterprise security supervision, Fuxiang, Yongxin two companies  have been ordered to suspend production for rectification and investigation. Another News: During the National Day, Vice- Mayor Yang Feng Deng led the teams   into towns and companies for four days, to  strengthen production safety supervision,  comprehensive investigation fireworks industry risks. During these days, inspected 11  towns of Dayao, Gugang and other towns(street) and  18 fireworks companies have been  inspected, which 6 companies shall order rectification , and 3 companies stopped  production for rectification ,and 2 companies was in investigation.

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The 2014 Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival will be opened on September 30 in the Century Park Mirror Lake, the event will last to October 6. The three teams to participate in this year’s Fireworks Festival were from France, Belgium and Greece, … Continue reading

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                            8月底新修订的《中华人民共和国安全生产法》通过全国人大常委会审议通过,这部新法规将于12月1日起正式实施。 新法规最明显的变化是加大了企业及政府的安全监管责任,并加重了对于安全违法行为的处罚力度,明确规定了安全监管部门的执法地位,确定了企业的主体责任。 法规明确规定,乡、镇一级政府及街道办等管理机构应当按照职责,加强对本辖区内的生产单位进行监督检查,并协助上一级机构依法履行安全监管的有关职责。关于企业的主体责任,新法还提出了更高的要求,如超过100人以上的生产机构应当设立专门的安全监管机构,高危企业还需要聘用有资质的注册安全工程师从事安全管理工作。 而对于之前生产行业中存在的违法成本低导致的事故频发等现象,新法也作出了更高规定:一般事故罚款二十万元至五十万元,较大事故五十万元至一百万元,重大事故一百万元至五百万元,特别重大事故五百万元至一千万元;特别重大事故的情节特别严重的,罚款一千万元至二千万元。主要负责人对重大、特别重大事故负有责任的,终身不得担任本行业生产经营单位的主要负责人。

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The Tickets of Shanghai Jinshan International Beach Fireworks Festival is Available Now!

      Shanghai jinshan international beach fireworks festival will be held at the city beach this year from September 6, four teams will join the event, they are from China, Italy, Mexico and the U.S. The performance days are September … Continue reading

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Liuyang Fireworks Lit the Nanjing Summer Youth Olympic Games Flame Sets

  The Second Youth Olympic Games got under way on August 16, the night sky of Nanjing was decorated by brilliant fireworks and makes the Opening Ceremony a beautiful picture. It’s no doubt that he most exciting moment of the … Continue reading

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