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第13届国际焰火节于当地时间4月27日在海滨城市巴吉芭举行,这一盛大的庆典由当地旅游部门而马耳他旅游局共同举办,这一烟火表演是庆祝马耳他加入欧盟十周年系列纪念活动的一部分,马耳他当地的烟花企业以及远自法国、意大利、英国和奥地利的烟火公司参加了这次庆典活动。 据悉,这场原定于4月26日的庆典活动由于强风的缘故被推迟到了周日,但是到场的观众仍然享受了一场精彩绝伦的表演,大批民众在河滨观看了绚丽的烟火演出,这次庆典活动将一直持续到当地时间的4月30日。 马耳他烟火节有着悠久的历史和传统,它是为了六月份盛大的庆祝活动而举行的预演,每年的六月,生活在马耳他岛的居民都会为了纪念当地对圣徒的保护而举行一系列的庆典活动。

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Bugibba Malta – International Fireworks Competition

The 13th International Fireworks Festival events was held in Bugibba on April 27, this display was organized by the local Tourism Ministry and the Malta Tourism Authority, this year is the 10th anniversary of Malta’s accession to the European Union … Continue reading

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Kids put illegal firecracker in the bottle of beer, finger and face hurt seriously

Playing with illegal fireworks can be very dangerous.   Below is a story of children playing with illegal fireworks that don’t conform to international or national standards. Safe and legal Dunpai firecrackers: For example, Dunpai manufactures legal firecrackers for the USA … Continue reading

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Fireworks bureau carry out training of package design

To further improve enterprise’s ability of fireworks packaging design, the fireworks bureau held on the modern enterprise management training on April 23, 2014 – “how to do this packaging design”,  they invited the state council special allowance experts, and  prelection of professor XiaoHe  who … Continue reading

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