Kids put illegal firecracker in the bottle of beer, finger and face hurt seriously

Playing with illegal fireworks can be very dangerous.   Below is a story of children playing with illegal fireworks that don’t conform to international or national standards.

Safe and legal Dunpai firecrackers:


For example, Dunpai manufactures legal firecrackers for the USA market to the standards of the Consumer Products Safety Comission (CPSC).   Because of such safety standards, Dunpai’s firecrackers will not cause harm to children like the illegal fireworks in the article below.


Illegal Firecrackers:

illegal firecracker

Kids put an illegal firecracker in the bottle of beer, finger and face hurt seriously

2 kids played the firecracker in the bottle of beer, the bottle exploded that one’s finger was broken, anothers face was disfigured.

According to the report, somebody saw 2kids picked up some unexploded firecrackers in front of the restaurant, and put it in the bottle of the beer. One kid took the bottle, another looked by side, then the bottle has been exploded, two kids was hurt seriously. “if somebody stop them play it in time, the kids won’t be hurt.” the parents of the kid said sadly. they told to reporter: ” the doctor said the finger nerve injury seriously, infection is too big, even though the surgery is successes
the function of the finger could not complete get well. And the other kid was exploded by his nose and mouth, he will be disfigure. ”

The reporter knows from the hospital, since the Spring Festival, the emergency room have been received and cured more than 10 kids which hurt by play firecrackers or fireworks. here the doctors remind every people must look after your kids, to avoid the tragedy happens again.






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