A Men Made Alternative Metal Armour for Zero Distance to Appreciate Fireworks

Colin Furzes is a British inventor, he is good at designing some interesting device. In order to enjoy the fireworks in a short distance, he designed a metal armour recently.

The metal armour Furzes made is a fat of human body with a pumpkin face hood which is not complicated. This safety suit looks like rough but cute. In addition, Furzes put a camera inside of the armour so that he can record his reaction when he watching the fireworks show.

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Dubai sailing hotel opened the 15th anniversary of the fireworks celebration

To celebrate the united Arab emirates (uae) 43 anniversary of the founding and the   15th anniversary that Dubai’s burj al Arab hotel (also called “sailing hotel”) was established. There held a fireworks display at the exclusive beach by sailing hotel on December 1, and Outside the hotel building with 3 d dynamic projection on the wall.


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What is supporting their fireworks dream?

The New Year is coming soon, I can’t help admiring the people busy working on their position. Maybe some of them working for a living, some for the promise, but all of them were deeply in love with this dazzling firework.

They know that the boxes filled with fireworks symbolized blessings and hope, it will flow to the cities and villages around the world and decorate the deep night sky and the children smile on his face. Some praise for the hard working firecrackers people.


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APEC Fireworks Mainly Focus on Environment Protection

In order to be natural, fireworks decrease 65% sulfur

The sulfur dioxide and sulfur after the explosion is one of the major components of air pollution, said by jiayu Zhao, the head of the technical team and a professor at Beijing Institute of Technology University. It can be the most effective to reduce pollution to reduce sulfur from the source. There are 65% of the products without adding sulfur at this time.

Smoke transparent would be promoted in Beijing

Reducing smoke is one of the methods that can reduce pollution. Although in principle it can’t achieve 100% smoke-free, fireworks smoke concentration can be reduced as far as possible. Corresponding to the APEC fireworks party and set up the standard, is it possible to promote in the city? Jiayu zhao replied that the standard is expected to 3 years in Beijing. At that time people in the city will adopt the world’s highest environmental standards when they display fireworks during the festival.18947431_201411102231398948070018947431_2014111022313996951200

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LiuYang fireworks amazed APEC last night

At the night of November 10, there was a fireworks display activity of the APEC leaders’ informal meeting of 2014 . the myriad of fireworks draw a picture of four seasons over the Bird’s nest, Linglong tower and the Watchtower. The air emerge a party textual theme interpretation of the ” born in spring, grow in summer,harvest in Autumn, rest in Winter” in English words, this make the early winter of Beijing full of vigor. According to the charger of this activity the main supplier of the fireworks is Dongxin, panda and Li Du. Overall speaking,besides Li Du is responsible for displaying shells and Hebei company is responsible for the special effects, the other five companies are all liuyang fireworks company. Dongxin is in charge of most production and discharge. We can proudly say that APEC’s fireworks is”made in liuyang”.

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Passing the safety acceptance,55 fireworks companies of Liling to resume production

The city’s 394 fireworks companies get comprehensive and strict safety measures after more than a month when Liling firecrackers production press “pause”. These companies began to work on October 29. The first apply and subject to acceptance and production enterprise is the occurrence of the Nanqiao export fireworks factory.004

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A discharge on the Bird’s Nest to Preview the Welcome Banquet of APEC

On the evening of November 4, 2014. Very beautiful flowers of fireworks bloom over the Bird’s Nest in Beijing Olympic park, in order to meet the upcoming APEC meeting. Colorful fireworks bloom over the bird’s nest. The night sky looks like with a layer of rosy clouds.

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Japan shot biggest firework, the diameter over 1meter

On Oct.11th, Japan shot a  gigantic firework with 4feet, this firework have been approved for the biggest firework in the world by the Guinness World Record.
In the night of 11th, about 15000shots , diameter is 105cm, weight 460KG and 4feet fireworks in the final stage.
With the eye of approval person that have been invited from Guinness World Record, the 4feet firework is rising to a height of about 530 meters, burst into a big fireworks about diameter 750 meters that have been certified successful shot as the largest and heaviest fireworks in the world.

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Fireworks made by bone ash, happy to say goodbye

2014101602043773155years old England lay die of cancer, she asked her husband to use her bone ash to make the fireworks after she dead. The fireworks company use her bone ash made 250pcs special fireworks by two weeks, and shot in a public square with 2minutes. It is a good idea to say goodbye to the word, but I think the a lot of Chinese can not accept this way to say goodbye, do you?

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Changsha will not approve new enterprises for coal and fireworks business within five years

Oct.4th, Changsha telegram for reject serious accident, and reverse the passive situation of safety production, Hunan province people’s office, government office recently issued “Notice of taking measures to curb serious accidents”, will not approve new enterprises for coal and fireworks business within five years.

It is known that Hunan will insist eliminate the enterprises of backward production capacity with dangers production conditions, and pay close attention to rectify and closure plan of  coal, non-coal mines , fireworks manufacturers. Once the enterprises have the accident occur , will be closed in accordance with law. Within five years, will not approve new coal, fireworks enterprise.

“Notice” requires that , the fireworks manufacture and the enterprises have no the safety conditions , from today to stop production for rectification , and will return to work after acceptance of inspection.

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